Birth FAQs

Q. what is birth photography?

A. The birth of your child is a moment in your life when there is only one opportunity to capture the story. Hiring a birth photographer will create a keepsake for you to relive the event and keep it fresh in your memory. My goal is to capture your special day in its entirety in a photojournalistic approach. This will tell the true story of your baby’s birth. From the strength that it takes to bring your child into the world, their first breath or the first cry, the first gaze at mom, the first reaction from siblings, or dad’s emotions when seeing his baby for the first time. These are the details that you will want captured!

Q. What is the process of commissioning Jenni G Photography for my birth session?

A. I am so thrilled that you are considering Jenni G Photography for a birth session! You started the process when you reached out to me. The next step is the in-person consultation, which may be occurring as you read this! Spending some time with me over coffee, tea, or hot chocolate will help you determine if I am the right photographer for you as we go over your questions and discuss the services I offer. We can even sign the contract on the same day.

Q. How do payments work?

A. The nonrefundable retainer of $250 is due upon booking your birth session. A payment plan for the remainder of the fee will be outlined in the contract that we agree upon. Sessions must be paid for in full before photographs are released.

*There will be a $25 NSF fee for any returned checks.

Q. when do you arrive at the birth?

A. The recommended time for me to arrive is at 5-7 cm dilation. Communication is the key for having a successful birth session. I ask that clients begin to keep me updated with their doctor appointments leading up to being admitted. I don’t mind a call at 3 am if you think you are in labor and find out it is false. Better to have me ready then to miss the opportunity.

Q. how long will you stay?

A. I will be with you for as long as it takes to fulfill the terms of the session package that you have selected. Long or short, fast or slow – it doesn’t matter, I am there for you. There are no hidden charges, no matter the length.

Q. what if i have a c-section?

A. ALWAYS check with your hospital on their policies. Some will allow me to join you in the operating room, whole others have a limit on the number of people. This will be addressed on a case by case basis. However, even if barred from the OR, I can still capture images during the time before you’re taken into surgery, document the activities of your loved ones in the waiting room, and I’ll be right back at your side when you’re moved to recovery.

*If allowed, your partner may be able to take my camera into the operating room after a quick tutorial.

Q. do you use a flash?

A. I do not use a flash as it is too distracting for the mama. We will discuss lighting alternatives. The darker the room the grainier the photos will be.

Q. What are your birth sessions like?

a. I strive to be present but not intrusive inside the labor room. I’m not usually an active participant in the birth process, although I do hope to contribute to the caring and supportive energy surrounding the laboring family. I am a trained Doula, so you can rest assured that nothing you do or say will surprise or shock me.

Q. After our birth session, what happens next?

A. I will return to the studio and within 24 hours I will have a couple Sneak Peeks ready to show. I post these Sneak Peeks on the Jenni G Photography Facebook page and will tag you. If you do not use Facebook I will email the Sneak Peeks to you. Feel free to share as you wish, but please do not crop out my watermark or edit the images. As all birth sessions are unique, the total number of photographs will vary. It will take 1 to 3 weeks for the full session to be completed. 


A. Even with a model release signed, I will never post any explicit photos of you online without your express written permission in a separate document.


A. My goal as an artist is to present you with the best possible images. I generally decide which route to go on a case-to-case basis. The environment, lighting, and other factors must be taken into account. Due to the graphic nature of the session, certain types of photographs will look better in black and white.


A. I make every attempt to keep an archive of your session for one year. However, due to the nature of technology I cannot guarantee the safety of the files. I strongly recommend that you arrange to create a personal backup immediately after you receive your photographs. Birth sessions usually have a large quantity of photographs and you will need approximately 4 GB of storage space per backup.

Q. Do you sell the high resolution files?

A. You will receive all of your images as high resolution files, printable up to 11” x 14”. If you are interested in learning about the prints and products that I offer à la carte, we will schedule an in-person viewing and ordering appointment. 

Q. What if I want to Use my photos for contests, advertising, or on social media?

A. For personal use, photographs taken by Jenni G photography should be clearly identified. Photographs that are not watermarked can be identified with a text credit to Jenni G Photography or by tagging Jenni G Photography if on social media.

You will receive a copy of the limited print reproduction release. This gives you the right to print the files as often as needed and to use the images however you’d like for personal needs. This may include scrap-booking, personal websites, social media, gifts for family and friends, etc.

All legal commercial rights are reserved by Jenni G photography. As such, photos may not be resold in their original or altered state, nor used for third-party business purposes, including but not limited to, all forms of advertising.

If you have further questions, please feel free to call 608-780-7060.